Adhesives for Medical Electronics

Offering outstandng electrical properties, E-linking medical adhesives, sealants, coatings and potting compounds are widely used in medical electronic devices.Specially developed adhesives, sealants, conformal coatings and encapsulation compounds have been formulated for the assembly of medical electronic devices. These products consist of one and two component epoxy systems, one and two part silicone compounds and UV curable formulations. These technologically advanced materials offer high reliability and easy processing.

Types of Compounds for the Assembly of Medical Devices

Medical electronic devices have greatly enhanced the ability to diagnose, treat and monitor different medical conditions. E-linking offers the following products to meet these critical needs:

  • Electrically conductive pastes

  • Electrically insulative pastes

  • Thermally conductive/electrically insulative pastes

  • Glob top coatings

  • Conformal coatings

  • Underfill encapsulants

Specific grades feature:

  • Low stress

  • Low outgassing

  • Snap cures

  • Ultra low moisture absorption

  • Optical clarity

Applications for E-linking Medical Electronic Device Compounds

E-linking formulations are employed in a wide range of medical electronic device applications including:

  • Hearing aids

  • Drug releasing pumps

  • Defibrillators

  • Fetal and maternal monitors

  • Fingertip pulse oximeters

  • Neurostimulators

Most Popular Products for Medical Electronics


Good thermalconductivity,Dissipation of heat from components

1:1 mixing rate,Ease to use

Thixotropic,No flow during cure


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