Adhesive Systems for the Photonics Industry

E-linking offers a wide range of specialty adhesive formulations for the photonics industry.From telecommunications, robotics and medicine to information processing, E-linking has the solution to your photonic application needs. E-linking offers the widest selection of epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes, cyanoacrylates and UV cures for the photonics industry.

Performance Properties of E-linking’s Photonics Industry Adhesives

E-linking’s specialty formulations for the photonics industry offer outstanding performance properties. Specific grades offer:

  •   • High optical clarity

  •   • Abrasion resistance

  •   • Superior non-yellowing properties

  •   • NASA low outgassing approval

  •   • Resists 1,000 hours of exposure to 85°C and 85% humidity


Most Popular Products for Photonics

ELINBOND A209UV Curable Adhesive And Sealant. Low CTE,low stress; Excellent adhesion,Structural bonding to a wide variety of substrates; UV Cure,Quick speed UV processing.
ELINOPTO A301MLow Temperature Curing,Conductive Die Attach Adhesive. Thixotropic, Low flow during cure; Excellent electric properties, Reliable electronic assemblies; Fast curing at low temperature, High output and low stress.

OurLatest Product

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