One part Polyurethanes

Polysulfide systems feature exceptional chemical resistance and high bond strength to a variety of metals including steel, aluminum alloys and copper.E-linking polysulfide formulations offer corrosion protection, superior electrical insulation and good flowability. These elastomeric compounds are 100% reactive and are designed to cure at ambient temperatures or at slightly elevated temperatures.

Properties of Polysulfide Adhesive Systems

  • Underwater curing capability

  • Exceptional chemical resistance

  • High dielectric strength

  • High physical strength

  • High and low cryogenic temperature serviceability

  • Resistance to vibration, impact, shock and thermal cycling

  • Metal free

  • Long-term resistance to gasoline, natural gas, gaseous fuels, kerosene, alcohol, crude oils and its derivatives

  • Easy application with no drip feature

  • Excellent adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates


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